Errors while scanning the QR code

Modified on Wed, 04 Oct 2023 at 03:19 AM

You may receive errors while scanning the QR code. Don’t worry, most of the questions can be answered quickly. 


Note: Before scanning the QR code, please check if your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network with a good signal.


Let's begin. 

There are 4 common pop-up messages with an error.


1.  Data Plan Cannot Be Added. This plan is no longer valid. Contact your network provider for more information. 

This screen means that an unknown error occurred during the first code scan (possibly a low Internet signal could cause the issue) and re-scanning is not possible. In this case, please contact us and attach the screenshot with an error. We will send a new QR code shortly.


2. Unable To Complete Data Plan Change. Your data plan could not be set up. Try again later.

During manual data entry, you have to pay attention to the fact that when copying an SM-DP + line from an email dedicated to the activation of a plan, the phone considers this line as a "link" and adds "http: \\" which leads to an error.


3. Data Plans from This Network Provider Cannot Be Added. Your device can only use data plans from a different provider. 

This error indicates that your cell phone might be locked under another mobile operator and there is a chance that you cannot use our services. In order to confirm this information, we are kindly asking you to send us a screenshot of this error and a screenshot of your device settings.

Go to Settings - General - About - send us a screenshot so we can see the device model number.

You may also want to contact your mobile operator to check if there is a possibility to unlock your phone. If this not an option for you, we will definitely process the refund.


4. Mobile plan cannot be set up; eSIM installation is unsupported on your device.

If you see this message, then your phone is a dual phone with 2 physical SIM card slots and your device is not compatible with eSIM technology. To confirm this, go to Settings - General - About and scroll to the bottom. If you see that you have 1 Primary IMEI and 1 Back IMEI your phone is a dual model. Another method, go to Settings - Mobile Data/Cellular - if you do not see the option "Add Data Plan", then your phone is a dual model. 


If you face an error that is not described in the 4 above cases, take a screenshot and send it to us.

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