Devices Supporting eSIM

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ManufacturerModelMaximum number of eSIMs
AppleiPhone XR20
AppleiPhone XS20
AppleiPhone XS Max20
AppleiPhone 1120
AppleiPhone 11 Pro20
AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max20
AppleiPhone SE (2020)20
AppleiPhone 12 Mini20
AppleiPhone 1220
AppleiPhone 12 Pro20
AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max20
AppleiPhone 13 mini20 
AppleiPhone 1320 
AppleiPhone 13 Pro20
AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max 20
AppleiPhone SE (2022)20
AppleiPhone 1420
AppleiPhone 14 Plus20
AppleiPhone 14 Pro20
AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max20
AppleiPhone 1520
AppleiPhone 15 Plus20
AppleiPhone 15 Pro20
AppleiPhone 15 Pro Max20
AppleiPad Pro (2018 and onwards)20
AppleiPad Air20
AppleWatch series 31
AppleWatch series 41
AppleWatch series 51
AppleWatch series 61
Apple Watch SE
GooglePixel 31
GooglePixel 3a1
GooglePixel 41
GooglePixel 4a1
GooglePixel 51
GooglePixel 61
GooglePixel 6a1
GooglePixel 6 Pro1
GooglePixel 71
GooglePixel 7 Pro1
GooglePixel Fold1
HuaweiP40 Pro (not including the P40 Pro +)1
HuaweiMate 40 Pro1
MotorolaRazr 20191
MotorolaRazr 5G1
MotorolaRazr 401
MotorolaRazr 40 Ultra1
MotorolaEdge 40 Pro1
MotorolaG52J 5G1
MotorolaG52J 5G Ⅱ1
MotorolaG53J 5G1
SamsungGalaxy A54 5G1
SamsungGalaxy Z Flip1
SamsungGalaxy Z Flip 5G1
SamsungGalaxy Z Flip3 5G1
SamsungGalaxy Z Flip41
SamsungGalaxy Z Flip5 5G+5
SamsungGalaxy Fold1
SamsungGalaxy Z Fold2 5G1
SamsungGalaxy Z Fold3 5G1
SamsungGalaxy Z Fold41
SamsungGalaxy Z Fold5 5G+5
SamsungGalaxy S205
SamsungGalaxy S20+ 5g5
SamsungGalaxy S20 Ultra5
SamsungGalaxy S20 Ultra 5G5
Samsung Galaxy S215
SamsungGalaxy S21+ 5G5
SamsungGalaxy S21 Ultra 5G5
SamsungGalaxy S22+5
SamsungGalaxy S22++5
SamsungGalaxy S22 Ultra+5
SamsungGalaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G 5
SamsungGalaxy Note 205
SamsungGalaxy S23+5
SamsungGalaxy S23++5
SamsungGalaxy S23 Ultra+5
Planet ComputersGemini PDA1
Rakuten MobileRakuten Mini1
Rakuten MobileBig-S1
Rakuten MobileBig1
Rakuten MobileHand1
Rakuten MobileHand 5G1
OppoFind N2 Flip1
OppoFind X3 Pro1
Oppo Reno 5 A1
OppoFind X51
OppoFind X5 Pro1
OppoA55s 5G1
OppoReno 6 Pro 5G1
SonyXperia 10 III Lite 1
SonyXperia 10 IV1
SonyXperia 10V1
SonyXperia 1 IV1
SonyXperia 5 IV1
SonyXperia 1 V1
SonySony Xperia Ace III1
HonorMagic 4 Pro1
HonorMagic 5 Pro1
Xiaomi12T Pro1
Xiaomi13 Lite1
Xiaomi13 Pro1
SharpAquos Sense6s1
SharpAquos sense 71
SharpAquos sense 7plus1
SharpAquos Wish1
SharpAquos wish 2 SHG081
SharpAquos wish31
SharpAquos Sense4 lite1
SharpAquos zero 61
SharpSimple Sumaho61
SharpAquos R71
SharpAquos R81
SharpAquos R8 Pro1
HAMMERBlade 31
NokiaG60 5G1
myPhoneNOW eSIM1

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